Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The horrors of vodem!

Having to monitor my internet usage due to the limits of using a vodem has meant I've been a very lax blogger. Not very good really.

The horror point of my week was seeing "The Time Traveller's wife". I knew it could never capture the beauty of the writing throughout the book but I was unprepared for the complete transformation to chick flick. Beautiful characters were lost, the whole importance of the loss of his feet was glossed over and Claire reached him in the meadow when he met Alba rather than having to wait until she was an old woman before he was able to make his way to her. I am saddened. This is why I don't go to the movies much.

My book is is trapped in a mire of dullness and lackluster. I'm thinking some vampires, shapeshifters or super-humans need to be introduced. Rosie has tried to hold her end up but everyone else really is not trying. Nick just slunk off. I think the problem is he was a special type of guy and somehow in the process of writing he toughened up and lost that quality that made him so. There are enough hard men out there and one more is barely worth notice but the interesting intricate soul he was shone. Alas he seems to have been told to 'harden the feck up' by someone....I suspect Lydia because she is really developing into a psychotic bitch. I guess I can run with it and explore why he has changed so radically but he's really closed down. He obviously knows he's ruined his chances with Rosie.

James has become determinely gay. I have no issue with his gayness but I really had him pegged as Rosie's Mr Knightley. Bother! Now I need to introduce a whole new character! Perhaps two so James can be happy. Maybe Nick could come to terms with his confused sexuality and fall in love with James, leaving Lydia thwarted. A twist indeed!

Luc did a brilliant job of being a leopard temporarily changing his spots and wooing Megan but he's back to his delicious devious misogynistic self, thank heavens! He is so fantastically unlikeable that it was hard seeing another side to him. Fortuitously the accidental muse tripped over his stories and tales of his exploits gave me some bonus fodder.

I think they all need infecting with vampirism and then maybe they will perk up and behave better. I am worried that Rosie will turn next and become Charlotte Lucas or, please no, Fanny Price. I think she needs a night on the town with a bottle of tequila or maybe Nick does.

Oh well, Merry Christmas to one and all. Enjoy the festivities and I hope you get the gift your heart desires.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I suffer for my art.

Just a short blog today. I'm morbidly ill. I think it is food poisoning.  I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible symptoms. campylobacter symptoms Not certain it is campylobacter but it's pretty hideous. All I've done all day is drunk hot gingerale, spent way too much time in the smallest room and slept.  Oh and amazingly written 850 words! I'm hoping it's really only a 24 hour bug and I'll be fine tomorrow. Time will tell!

Today's beautiful word
Plethora    A superabundance; an excess

Today's word count: 850 words
Total word count: 36862 words

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The muse is on a roll!

Today was one of those days when it would have been better to stay in bed! Rice was spilled....twice! Coffee dribbled, milk dripped, sundried tomatoes made a bid for escape, people left messages for other people on my work phone without paying any attention to the message and there was no blue cheese!

So  what could make it better? How about reeling off 6873 words with no effort! Rosie was destined to have a bad day because we share everything.  Naturally hers had to be far worse than mine! Although it did end with a phone call from her Tiger so she ended it feeling fairly happy.

I've gone back in time with the book.  Not as in TTW but rather I've gone back to earlier chapters when life was full of promise and there were sunbeams and unicorns everywhere in Rosie's world.  It is quite nice writing about happy people where everything is going well. My next target may be Megan.  I may just sort out the tangled mess that is her love life....or not.  James is seeing she going to steal his heart before Rosie wakes up and realises that he is her heart and soul. It is really starting to look like Rosie will be the one who ends up with 13 cats and plaiting mats from her own hair.  Lydia aka lizard woman is about to burst onto the scene, trying to claim Nick as her own....which would have been fine if he knew he was but he is blissfully unaware that her catty behaviour is the result of unrequited love. It does not bode well for Rosie....just how far will Lydia be prepared to go to warn Rosie off?  You'll be surprised!

Today's beautiful word
Imbroglio An altercation or complicated situation.

Today's word count: 6873 words
Total word count: 36012 words

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enforced writing!

I have been putting all my time into the physical and none into the intellectual! My days have been filled with work and exercise and I have been too exhausted to have an original thought. I did manage to read Audrey Niffenegger's second book - excellent but nowhere near as good as The Time Traveller's Wife. I found the ending disappointing and there was little could guess what was going to happen before it did.  Still lovely words but really it would have been impossible to ever compete with TTTW - it is the most beautiful work.

You may remember I decided to embrace my Queen Bitchiness and read the riot act to someone, well-deserved but still an insult. We had a Mexican stand-off with neither prepared to back down- really nothing had changed apart from I didn't communicate...but he just continued as before. I at least admitted I was pissed whereas St Pancreas maintained he was not. Mayhap he is a Saint! If I was of religious bent then I should start to worry about an eternity in purgatory.  Thank goodness I am not! Well, we are working on a truce. So we will see if an armistice occurs on Sunday. We've agreed to meet but now we await a decision on  location and time....from the person I abused for never replying to texts.....hmm. I laugh! Ha ha ha! Oh well maybe I can introduce this into my novel. My new ethos is "Don't piss me off or you'll end up in my novel!"

On the subject of religious bent....Telecom's new ad really pisses me off! As a small child I regularly attended church with my Grandparents and one song was drilled into my head (well two...I tend to sing Rock of Ages under times of stress!) ...this little light of mine. It stuck in my head and I would frequently have it floating around in my head.  Only years of Green Day and Lily Allen had permanently removed it.....and now Telecom has put it back into my cerebral cortex! 

Anyway Queen bitch and religious rantings aside, I decided, based on the advice of my Guru Gordon Wells, to at least try to write a little today and whoopee....1095 words! Rosie had a monologue in the mirror while straightening her hair. She worked out where her life was going, what she'd do and how she'd cope when she had lapses in fighting her addiction to the Tiger. She ended up with gorgeous hair and a much stronger frame of mind.  Go Rosie! And she decided to wear red lipstick always!

Today's beautiful word
Elixir   A good potion.

Today's word count: 1095 words
Total word count: 29139 words

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have the plague.

I have a cold! I caught it from one of the consultants at work and I feel bleuch! My nose thinks it's a tap, my eyes are grainy and my arms and legs are like lead.  And it's not like I can laze around at the weekend and recover.  I have a 7am flight on Saturday and just a little 21.1k run over the Harbour Bridge on Sunday to contend with.  Early to bed for me tonight.

Being deathly ill makes the fact that I've written 1029 words this evening all the more fantastic! I am being a good little soldier and meeting or exceeding my targets! Since I feel like a zombie and misery loves company, I decided that Rosie could also be sick.  But Ms Rosie has food poisoning and managed to make a spectacle of herself.  She has a fairly sensitive stomach at the best of time and the fish she had for dinner was not lovely fresh stuff from the fish markets it would seem (see, I wasn't off on a tangent yesterday! Admit it! You thought I was!).  So she is now hiding out at home partially because she is still very ill but also because she is very embarrassed.

Once again today the words just flowed.  A blessing considering my brain has been replaced with a plaster model for demonstration purposes only.  I hope tomorrow at work is not too demanding.  I'm not up to answering difficult 'what's your name?'

Today's beautiful word
Caramel  a medium to dark tan color, firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk

Today's word count: 1029 words
Total word count: 28044 words

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why are we mortgaging our homes to buy fish!

We are an island nation so why is fish so bally expensive! We pay easily over $25 per kilo for disappointing fish! And $40 for snapper! Snapper is under pressure due to popularity overseas and quota system! At least if you pay $41 at the fish market it's fresh as fresh and the men will fillet it for you! But it's just like lamb and beef....all the good stuff goes off-shore where they of course don't get it fresh and we get the leftovers.
The nice fish man says the best fish to get is Alfonsino at $10.99 for a kilo and they fillet it! It is a firm fish and doesn't dry out. And you get it with the skin on so it's crispy! It's so pretty too! Glorious orange!
Or you can get in your tinny and go and catch it yourself but then you have to kill and fillet it and I won't!

And following on this train of thought, did you know McDonalds is pulling out of Iceland because it is not economically viable. Currently a Big Mac is USD7.50 and they need to raise the price at least USD1!

Anyway, enough about food!

Today my fingers flew over the keyboard and 918 words were put down in a twinkling.  Rosie has moved house so I spent time describing what the change has meant to her. Since I was a good little bunny over the weekend I was quite happy to stop at just over 900 words and enjoy myself! I've got Audrey Niffenegger's latest book and I can't wait to dive into it! I loved, loved, loved The Time Traveller's Wife so have high expectations of this one although I don't believe anyone could top TTTW. We shall see. Audrey has such a fabulous way with the written word so I look forward to devouring Her Fearful Symmetry!

Today's beautiful word
Pluvial   pertaining to rain

Today's word count: 918 words
Total word count: 27015 words

Monday, October 26, 2009

A fine is a tax for doing something wrong. A tax is a fine for doing something right.

For some unknown reason I was wide awake this morning at 5:30 and for some unknown reason I decided it would be a good time to do the GST and Provisional Tax returns!  Oh how I praise Cashbooks! It has actually made doing GST returns so much easier. It, of course, doesn't make the handing over of hard-earned money any easier. Still at least I didn't need to tear out any hair and everything came together fairly seemlessly. So tomorrow the IRD will receive an exorbitant amount of money into their coffers that could be better spent feeding and clothing all of us!

After such an enjoyable time I was ready to enter Rosie's world again.  In between dancing to the radio, washing the floors, making pikelets and a fruitcake, I wrote! See, even at my best I have an inbuilt talent for procrastination! Still I now have pikelets in the freezer, a cake on the bench, clean floors, lots less money and a sunny disposition AND 2166 more words in the manuscript! I rock! Oo rah!

So there is something for being a friendless refugee in Wellington on Labour Weekend! I didn't even go and stare at the McCahon panels at Te Papa and I Love them more than the bucket fountain. I enjoyed the sunshine only by opening my balcony doors all the way up.  I haven't left my apartment for two days!  I am even looking forward to going to work tomorrow!

It's only 4:22! That's what happens when you get up at stupid o'clock. The day drags on forever!  Too early even to make macaroni cheese! All that is left is to get on my bike and pedal my little heart out.  The only problem with that plan bum hurts! Who designed bike seats! I want a nice sofa-like nana seat not one that is made of concrete and covered with a microscopic layer of cushioning!  Maybe I'll just put on Miley Cyrus and do a hoedown throw down! Or maybe Cupid's happy dance might be better.

Today's beautiful word
Soliloquy   speech you make to yourself

Today's word count: 2166 words
Total word count: 26097 words